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In order to maximise the efficiency of any heating system, insulation plays an important role - this is especially important when considering low temperature floor heating. Where new floors are being constructed in new buildings or conservatories, good quality insulation should be incorporated at the design stage. However the problem comes when electric underfloor heating is being installed in an existing building where taking up an un-insulated floor is often not a practical option.
In situations where there is an existing un-insulated floor the practical solution is to use an insulation board on top of the existing floor. Our range of board include Tilebacker Boards for use under tiled floors & Depron below wood or laminate floors:


Tilebacker Board
made in the UK
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In a conservatory which is to have underfloor heating & be tiled, we strongly recommend the use of insulated tile-backer boards. If you are still in the planning stage, we recommend that you ask your conservatory supplier/installer to leave the base slightly lower than normal in order that you can accomodate the tile-backer. The boards are supplied in thicknesses ranging from 6mm - 60mm depending on floor thresholds & your budget.