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Conservatory Companies

Due to their rapid heat loss & heat gains, heating conservatories has in the past, been notoriously difficult, so lets examine the traditional options.

Limited wall space to install.
Convection is not efficient in glass rooms.
Expensive pipework & plumbing.
Existing boiler capacity
Unsightly looks
Difficut to ‘zone’ independently

  Panel heaters
Inefficient convection heat
Unsightly looks
Lack of wall space

Wet underfloor heating

Existing boiler capacity
Difficult to get accurate water temperature control
Long heat up/cool down time in 65-70mm of screed

The solution

Electric underfloor heating - not installed in a cement screed, but installed on top of an insulation layer & directly below the floor covering (tiles/wood/laminate being ideal) – see floor construction drawings below. Using one of the systems shown in floor constructions below you achieve the following advantages.

Carbon film system supplied at 160w per sqm for conservatories, ideal for primary room heating with wood/laminate floors.

Note: If installing on an un-insulated floor, we recommend that you use a second 6mm layer of Depron insulation/underlay wherever possible.

For tiled conservatories we recommend using an insulated tile-backer board 10 - 50mm thick (depending on floor threshold) followed by either a cable kit at minimim 150w per sqm, or better still a 200w per sqm conservatory cable mat covering 80-90% of the floor area (giving an average 160 - 180w per sqm over the total floor area).

Example for a 9.5sqm conservatory (internal floor area) we recommend:
Tile backer board with either FHC1500w cable kit, or FHCM1600w cable mat kit.

Advantages of FHS Electric underfloor heating
Primary heating system
Warm up in minutes not hours
Fully controllable by intelligent thermostat/timer
Low cost to install
Low running costs
High efficiency & high transfer of electrical energy into heat.
Warm floor and room heating
Operated at same times or independent to house central heating

Advantages & options of buying from Floor Heating Systems Ltd
· Buy direct from us with simple ‘price per sqm’ pricing.
· Choice of supply only or installed service in many areas
· Competitive trade prices
· Free expert advice - Qualified in house qualified installer
(16th edition & Part P building regs)
· One stop shop for insulation & heating
· Free next day delivery to site or your premises (no need to stock)
· Refer clients & receive commission

To find out more, please contact us directly on 01159 632314, or email
us for our current trade price list.

We would be delighted to arrange a visit at your convenience to discuss your
options & in many cases we also offer to supply a free* underfloor heating
system for a ‘show’ conservatory in order for you to be able to demonstrate
the benefits to your clients.

* Free underfloor heating system offer is usually subject to a minimum spend of £1000 being made during the first 12 months.


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